Alicia Rider

Feel Your Best!

These tips have helped Alicia Rider. See if they can make a difference for you, too!

Embrace the good days.
”Be grateful for them. Do what makes you happy on those days— whether that’s gardening, taking a walk or just relaxing and enjoying being pain-free.”

Know that RA is not your fault.
”You did not do anything wrong to have RA. It’s not what you did or what you ate. What you deserve is— you deserve to live life!”

Focus on what you CAN do…
“And not on what you can’t do. I keep in mind that the physical pain will end and focus on what I can do until that time comes. I can’t run, so I’ll go for a walk. Some days, I’m so fatigued, I just take a nap. If you focus on the positive, it will start outweighing the negatives.”

Keep regular appointments with your doctor.
”My doctor is amazing — he’s one of the reasons I manage RA so well. I see him every four months. That’s one appointment I’ll never miss!”