Doctor speaking to patient

Key Questions to Ask Your RA Specialist

Ask these questions at your next exam to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from your treatment.

1. How slowly or quickly is my RA progressing?

2. Do I need any tests (e.g., ultrasound or blood tests) to monitor the severity of my disease?

3. How do you determine how severe my condition is, and whether or not it’s getting worse? How are you using it to guide my therapy?

4. Based on my symptoms and test results, what medication(s) do you recommend?

5. I can move around with less pain and stiffness, but there is more I’d like to do. Is there a treatment that could help me go from “good” to “great”?

6. Do I need other treatments, such as physical and/or occupational therapy?

7. Can I exercise? If so, what types are safe for me to do? What other lifestyle changes can help me feel better?

8. Am I at risk for permanent joint damage?