Make the Most of Every Day!

You have more RA treatment options than ever — and more ways to live life without limits!

Raising a family. Starting a new career. Taking that dream vacation. Today, there’s no reason to let rheumatoid arthritis (RA) stand in your way. Thanks to advanced treatments, you can look forward to enjoying all the opportunities that come your way. Sound unattainable? At certain times, Nicole S. thought so, too. “When I was diagnosed with RA, I was working six days a week as a chef. I had pain in my feet and ankles, and my hands were always swollen. I thought I’d never work in the food industry again,” says the Los Angeles resident.

Fortunately, Nicole partnered with her rheumatologist, and with the right medication and some ingenuity, she was able to forge a new career as a salesperson for a gourmet food distributor — one that relieved her from standing in pain all day. “I love my new job!” says the wife and mother of two. “I’m not going to let RA dictate my life. I’m the one in charge.”

If your RA is not well-controlled, you may wonder if you’ll ever feel as motivated and confident about your future as Nicole. Yet know this: It is not out of reach. For Nicole, the answer to reining in RA was working with her doctor and trying different treatments until she found the right one for her.

In fact, Nicole’s experience is not unusual, so it’s important to be patient when treating RA. The reason? The disease affects everyone differently, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, says rheumatologist Madelaine Feldman, MD, associate clinical professor of medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans. “It’s not the exact same disease process for each person and won’t always respond to the same medications,” she explains. “However, we have many options available, so don’t get discouraged. There’s a treatment out there for everyone.”

Nicole can attest to the power of perseverance. “Never give up! Whether it’s finding the right doctor for you or the right medication — you never know what can help you along the way. Life isn’t over because you have RA. Just work with your rheumatologist until you find something that works.”

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